computer class

My visit to Virginia College.

At the beginning of the month of February, a good friend by the name of Michael Price asked me to hold a brief presentation. The question to be consider was why is PowerPoint useful for medical and business. I thought why not. However I was far from imagining the pleasant surprise that was waiting for me once on the scene.

Different ages were representing in the Virginia College’s student body. Although coming from different backgrounds, and having different aspiration these unique setting of students seem to be very united. When Mr. Price and I enter the classroom some of the students were already there working on their project.

Their warm welcoming made me feel really comfortable. After a couples reminders from the teacher, one of the Business students held a captivating PowerPoint presentation on Art. Black’ love was his theme. Delighting was the reaction of his audience. They literally enjoy every slide. After his presentation the students was invited to give their opinion on his work. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism and enlightenment by their constructive Remarks. This is understandable, for most of the Students have years of life and work experience. Certainly they are able to learn for each other and related to each other.

Mr. Price enjoys working with his student and always speaks highly from them particularly the mature ones. Be able to transmit the knowledge with enthusiasm, simplicity he created and wonderful atmosphere were learning and respect is a priority.